We are APE Foundation, a young charity on the verge of making a difference. We fight to promote appropriate care, protection, security and research towards endangered primates in South-East Asia which are in need of care and protection by reason of extinction due to (illegal) deforestation, hunting, draining of wetlands and development along riverbanks for agricultural purposes and human settlement.


By providing medical support/supplies, protecting and expanding habitats, research, establish conservation centers and educating the public in matters pertaining to the environment and welfare of these species we fight to minimize the possibility of extinction.  


Over the course of next year our goals are to monitor, protect and restore the habitat of the orangutan and proboscis monkey. This can only be done with the right amount of funding.


One way to protect their habitat is by educating the local people who are mostly not aware of extinction of these species nor the harm that is done by palm oil plantations.

We plan to do this by building an environmental library in the east of Borneo.

We can fund the build of this library with as little as 500 people joining the raffle.

50 people joining will pay the salary of one jungle guardian. Our local jungle guardians protect the habitat of these endangered monkeys from (illegal) deforestation, hunting, and will be first to action on forest fires or medical issues.

On our path to fight extinction it is very important to supply medical support in any form or way. This can go from treatment of burn wounds to guiding pregnancy and giving birth.

Our goal is to have certified on-field veterinarians which we can fund with about 70 people, supplying medical requirements to surrounding sanctuaries and building a medical center which will be able to be funded with 5000 people joining the lottery.